Access to ISV product fails without ACFRPTRV violations
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Access to ISV product fails without ACFRPTRV violations


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There are no violations on the ACFRPTRV report for the newly defined and implemented facility class for an ISV (independent software vendor) application, such as Travic Interbank.



Release : 16.0

Component : ACF2 for z/OS


Via a SECTRACE, the ISV software was seen to issue


call that failed. This is a call that asks "does the user have ANY access?" and returns a code to indicate what level of access is allowed. In the case of Travic Interbank ISV software, the TIH.DIALOG RACROUTE call gets a SFR/RFR= 0/20:0, and the last zero indicates NO ACCESS. 

However, according to IBM, "No auditing is done for this request", that is, a REQUEST=AUTH,STATUS=ACCESS  call. So no SMF records are cut and therefore there is no presence in the RV report, and the LOG parameter in ACF2 rules and CLASMAPs  do not override that situation.