Actuals performed by individuals but assigned via a Team
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Actuals performed by individuals but assigned via a Team


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Actual hours by individual as part of a team are not available in DWH only actuals per team are available in the DWH 


  1. An individual who is part of a team posts time to an assignment assigned to the team.
  2. In MUX create a team and add at least one resource to the team
  3. Assign this team to a task on a project
  4. The individual enters time on their timesheet for the team task in b above.
  5. Run jobs: Post Timesheets and Load Data Warehouse
  6. Login to Clarity PPM
  7. Go to Advance reporting
  8. Create an  Adhoc view for the Project Management Domain
  9. Filter for the  project created in Step 1
  10. Also, filter for the specific dates for the hours posted     
  11. In Measures under Calendar Periods choose Assignment
  12. Assignment Actual Hours

Expected Results: Actual hours show for the individual resource

Actual Results: Actual hours only show for the team resource. 


This was analyzed as part of DE54349


When we enter allocations and/or actuals against a "team" resource, the allocations and actuals should go against the team resource and not against the individual resource. This is by design