Issue downloading policy file from URL
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Issue downloading policy file from URL


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


When attempting to download policy file, ProxySG shows "The policy cannot be found at the specified URL" error:


  • Communication with remote server is done using https
  • When using http, policy can be downloaded
  • Packet capture shows that ProxySG sends FIN,ACK after completing SSL handshake:


Certificate presented by remote server where policy is stored is not trusted by ProxySG.


Add remote server's SSL certificate to the trusted list on ProxySG:

  1. Connect to ProxySG management console
  2. Navigate to Configuration -> SSL -> SSL Client and check the name of configured CCL (by default it is set to browser-trusted)
  3. Go to Configuration -> CA Certificates and Import remote server's certificate
  4. Change tab to CA Certificate Lists and add certificate from step 3 to browser-trusted list