Risk object - Blocked, Ready, Blocked Reason not visible
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Risk object - Blocked, Ready, Blocked Reason not visible


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Although our settings are as below (fields mentioned are set as visible), 

don't see these fields in the object itself.



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Deprecation of Risk Ready/Block State


1.  Deprecation of Risk Ready/Block State


On behalf of the Rally Software organization, we are announcing the deprecation of the Risk Ready, Blocked, and Blocked Reason fields and expect to remove these fields from the Risk object by September 6, 2022. The deprecation will allow us to focus on other planning visualization experiences. If you have any Risks blocked with a reason, the Blocked Reason will be appended to the Risk Description once the fields are removed. We recommend that all customers use the Risk Description and other attributes of the Risk to describe the nature of the Risk. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

- Rally Product Team