Confirm he TSO#BLK= default value in previous version
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Confirm he TSO#BLK= default value in previous version


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There is no documentation for the previous version.
Is there any way to confirm the TSO#BLK= default value for previous versions?



Release : 14.6



Documentation for unsupported versions cannot be downloaded.

To confirm, please check to the PVOPT that exists in the macro library of previous version.

For R14.5: Prefix.CAIMAC(PVOPT)
You will see that the default value is 40 as follows.

  &TSO#BLK=40,        # TO CALC TSO PANDD2 BLKSIZE 6559743+
  6559743               Allow to control TSO PANDD2 BLKSIZE
  5987937               The new field TSO#BLK is defaulted to
                        40. This number will be used to
                        multiple by the LRECL of the member.

(TSO#BLK= is a parameter added in R14.3; the default value was 40 in R14.4 as well.)


Additional Information

TSO#BLK=xx of PVOPT option

The default is 40.
Applies only if you have installed the TSO Option of Panvalet. 
Sets the PANTSO output DD2 file value to be used to calculate the block size for the output file pointed by DD2. 
The default of 40 sets the block size of the output file to 3200 (40x80=3200).