vmware probe stops working and data is not populating the DB
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vmware probe stops working and data is not populating the DB


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have 2 hubs that run the VMware probe. Neither is populating data to the DB and the NAS probe keeps getting an error and stopping. It does restart when you bounce the robot, but errors again after some time. On top of this, the VMware probe will stop or error as well.


  • UIM Release: 20.3
  • Component: UIM - VMWARE
  • hub 9.35 (upgraded)
  • robot 9.35 (upgraded)
  • UIM 20.3.3
  • data_engine 20.31
  • vmware 7.14HF3
  • MS SQL Server v2012SP4


1. Upgraded two hubs with large backlogs to hub v9.35.
2. Upgraded controller to 9.35 (robot_update).
3. Upgraded nas to v9.23HF1
4. Upgraded Proxy Hubs (hub and robot) to 9.35.
5. Set both lower tier and mid-tier hubs postroute_reply_timeout to 300 from 180.

This value is also in seconds, and determines how long the hub will wait for a reply from any queue/subscriber after sending messages. The default = 180.

It controls how long the hub waits (in seconds) for a reply from the remote hub after sending a bulk of messages on a queue before deciding that it didn't go through and then re-sends the bulk.

6. Restored min/max java heap on the robots running VMware, e.g., 10GB and 12 GB.

Hubs then processed data extremely well and have not fallen behind for several days now.

vmware data is displaying as expected and consistent in OC Inventory and Metric Viewer.