FORMATDECRYPT1 Masking function is not working expected
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FORMATDECRYPT1 Masking function is not working expected


Article ID: 247220


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


TDM Portal version: 4.10.56

Fields masked in one of the previous versions of Portal using FORMATENCRYPT with a key can not be reverted to the previous state using FORMATDECRYPT1 and the same key.

Our database backup file got corrupted, and we were trying to bring original copy of database from masked copy and end result is not matching actual unmasked value.


Release : 4.10

Component : TDM Web Portal


Decrypts a string encrypted using the FORMATENCRYPT1 masking function and the respective parameters used during encryption. The values of Parm1 to Parm4 must be the same as the values that were used for encryption with FORMATENCRYPT1.

TDM does not provide a decrypt function that works with the FORMATENCRYPT masking function. Therefore, if the fields were originally masked using FORMATENCRYPT, this is why they are seeing a discrepancy when using FORMATDECRYPT1 to decrypt the values.