Assign permissions for Patch Management use
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Assign permissions for Patch Management use


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


When assigning permissions to any user using Security Profiles, first thing to understand is that different sections are based on Objects, as explained here:

Object Level Security Best Practices

And in order to give access to some specific areas, a combination of object permissions must be assigned.

What combination of permissions can be assigned to a user to let him use Patch Management only?


Client Automation - 14.x


In order to assign permissions to use Patch Management, the following screenshots show a suggestions of permissions that can be assigned:

After these permissions are assigned to the user, he is able to login to WAC Console and manage patches:

Please note that the user will be able to see the Console section too, but he will be unable to perform any action (showing an "Access denied" error):