Staffing-Export to csv does not return data
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Staffing-Export to csv does not return data


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You go to the Staffing Workspace>>Staff Grid, then try to Export to CSV.  If there are more than 500 rows, you get a notification once it is done downloading.

When you open the file, only the column names show.  There is no data in the columns

If you Export to CSV <500 rows, then it is downloaded with no issues

Steps to Reproduce: 


A user that has all rights except for Project.  Only assign:

    • Project Creation -Interface - Navigation
    • Project Management - Tiles Navigate
    • Project Management - Navigate
    • Projects - Navigate
  1. Log in to the Modern UX
  2. Click Staffing workspace
  3. Go to Staffing Grid
  4. Select a view with around 1100 rows
  5. Click 'Export to CSV'
  6. Once the Notification shows, download the .csv file

Expected Results: All data that displays in the Staffing grid will show in the file

Actual Results: The .csv file only contains the column headers


Release : 16.0.X





This is fixed in 16.1.0

Additional Information

This issue happens to users who do have limited access rights. The admin users are able to export the data.

Users with the Project - View Management - All access right are able to get the export done.