Load Balancer F5 not working after vAPP upgrade
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Load Balancer F5 not working after vAPP upgrade


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After removing the 14.4 CentOS6 nodes and leaving only the 14.4.1 CentOS8 nodes, the load balancer we have setup is no longer working. I did have our networking team point it towards the new IP addresses of 10.xx.xx.135, but it is still giving an error of Cannot reach this page. 


It seems that if the IP address of the server was not accessible without going through the load balancer, it should be accessible via the load balance as well.





There was a misconfiguration on the backend. It has been cleaned up and all is working appropriately.


Other resolutions:

1) Also, ask your network team to run a browser trace to determine which servers are being accessed and whether there are any unexpected redirections occurring.

2) The web apache team had the servers mixed up in one of the config files. "I did mixup the servers dcsl server on the dcwq mod jk variable."