Javelin workflow action called by generator
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Javelin workflow action called by generator


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


In the section Orchestration we defined a new Workflow called “Soap Request” that uses Javelin to call a Soap Service.


Then we created a Generator that doesn’t use any tables but it has only 1 action that calls the previous step.




We need to call a Javelin process using the Portal but when we try to publish this generator it isn’t possible because the Publish button is disabled:


How can we publish this Generator without using any tables but only calling a web service as Soap?


Release : 4.10

Component :


After consulting engineering team, can confirm that it is not possible to publish the generator without a table defined for it as these features are build around database objects.

You may use any dummy table with some static rule definitions and select publish to file option to meet the requirement.