Fixing the common challenge with implementing static route from CLI
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Fixing the common challenge with implementing static route from CLI


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


We are not able to add route in prod proxy and entire traffic from that proxy got impacted, need assistance to get routing enable from that proxy.




As we engaged, the customer informed us that following an incorrect policy push from the MC, for the scripted static routes, they lost access to a ProxySG appliance. Following this, the customer requested to know how they may add static routes on the ProxySG appliance, from CLI.

Having investigated in detail, we can confirm that the below represents our documented guidance for implementing this configuration.

This can be done through the command line interface by issuing the following commands:


  1. en
  2. conf t
  3. routing-domains
  4. edit routing_domain_name
  5. inline static-route-table EOF
  6. Enter all the static routes for the domain, except for the default route. (You can view the current entries from the URL https://:8082/TCP/Static-routes). The format is destination_address/mask_bits gateway. Enter one route per line and type EOF when you are ready to install.

Having repeated the implementation from the lab, we see that the challenge was with the way we placed the syntax. Please see the correct implementation shown in the snippet below. After the first "EOF", please hit the enter key on your keyboard, before you can enter all your static routes, and right after the last static route, add the second "EOF".

To verify that the static route got added, please refer to the verification command in the snippet below.

We further verified this from the GUI. See the snippet below.