Verify new password field in the sign-on panel
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Verify new password field in the sign-on panel


Article ID: 247050


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TPX - Session Management


The variable SNVPSWDV has been introduced into the panel code for the password verification. 
In the sign-on panel, when pressing the enter key after the 'NEW PASSWORD:' field, the cursor is not moving/jumping to 'VERIFY NEW PASSWORD:' field.


Normal TPX behavior is that if you hit ENTER on the "NEW PASSWORD" field, it is to prompt for a new password confirmation (on the same field).
Meaning that "NEW PASSWORD" field would handle both functions (new password AND verify new password). In this case, "VERIFY NEW PASSWORD" field could be removed from the panel.

In case there is a reason why "VERIFY NEW PASSWORD" field should be kept, it is required to inform users to NOT hit ENTER on the “NEW PASSAWORD” field, but:
- use blanks for passwords with less than 8 chars, so TPX would skip to next line once the 8 chars are filled out.

- use the TAB key instead, so the cursor would jump to the next available field.