Customer is unable to install DLP Product License
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Customer is unable to install DLP Product License


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Data Loss Prevention


The customer has downloaded some licensing files from the support portal and/or obtained slf license files from GCA. When the customer goes to apply these license file they will receive the error below.

The errors are ;

- License file corrupt or improperly signed.

- No license found or license has expired. Please upload a license or cloud enrollment  bundle.

- Some of the specified settings are invalid.



This seems to be caused by a bug in the license management application, the main problem is that the license count field in the license file which is basically an xml file is not populated when the license is generated by our system, this leads to the above failure.

You can validate that this is indeed the issue by opening the license file in a text editor and looking at the <count> fields for each section of the license.

If you see the following in the license file...


... then this is the problem and is incorrect, a valid license count would look like the following.


The count field should never be empty it should contain at least some numeric value.



This should be escalated to GCA as the licensing team are the only people with the ability to reissue the corrected license, they may not be aware of the problem themselves so it is worthwhile to point out to them why the license is actually failing.