What is Symantec Encryption Management Server or PGP Server?
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What is Symantec Encryption Management Server or PGP Server?


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What is Symantec Encryption Management Server or PGP Server?

Can it create and manage users, and how do accounts get managed?

Can it manage PGP Keys and certificates?


Symantec Encryption Management Server or PGP Server is a Server/appliance that manages the applications and programs that provide email, disk, and network file encryption. Symantec Encryption
Management Server with Symantec Gateway Email Encryption provides secure messaging by transparently protecting your enterprise messages with little or no user interaction.

Symantec Encryption Management Server (PGP Server) also does the following:
*Automatically creates and maintains a Self-Managing Security Architecture (SMSA) by monitoring authenticated users and their email traffic.
*Allows you to send protected messages to addresses that are not part of the SMSA.
*Automatically encrypts, decrypts, signs, and verifies messages.
*Provides strong security through policies you control.
*All users sending through the PGP server in "Gateway" placement are created per policy.
*External Users can also be created and are unique per Email Address.
Note: If there are external Shared Mailboxes, these will be treated as separate users per their email address

*Symantec Encryption Desktop (PGP Desktop), a client product, is created and managed through Symantec Encryption Management Server policy and does the following:
*Creates PGP keypairs.
*Manages user keypairs.
*Stores the public keys of others.
*Encrypts user email.
*Encrypts entire, or partial, hard drives.
*Enables secure file sharing with others over a network.


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