$HASP792: MEMBER IS NOT JES2 Hot Start Fails with datacom XCF Group Issue
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$HASP792: MEMBER IS NOT JES2 Hot Start Fails with datacom XCF Group Issue


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Someone decided to hot start jes2 to try and fix and problem. It had issues during shutdown and would not restart.

This seems to be the "member" JES is complaining about and it looks to be associated with the AD14STRT job.

The $HASP792 message indicates:

The member has not identified itself as JES2. This indicates that the member is running a pre-SP5.1 
release of JES2.

This job (ASID x'3C') was also dumped for the following error that occurred in it's address space:
Are you familiar with this job and / or why it would have joined the XCF group as a member?




Release : 15.0

Component : Datacom/AD


Client had a XCF group name of DADNN3A which was in use by other IBM systems


This is a rare unexpected interactions with z/OS XCF activities ", in this case with JES2. 

To avoid using the same names that IBM uses, it is recommended that the XCF group name not begin with the letters A through I, or the character string SYS. Such names are not prohibited, but can result in unexpected interactions with 
z/OS XCF activities."

The resolution for this problem is not to join JES2's XCF group DADNN3A. You would want to specify a different XCF group under TOGROUP in the DBSIDPR assembly. You would need to create one or use an existing one that is not used by IBM's system products