WCC error after changing TIMEZONE
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WCC error after changing TIMEZONE


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CA Workload Automation AE


WCC error after changing TIMEZONE

We encountered the following symptoms while testing Autosys.

1. TZ (timezone) was set to 'Asia/Seoul'
2. All operations in WCC are normally performed (registration, execution, etc.)
3. The time of the OS was set incorrectly, change TZ (TZ=America/New_York)
    - autosys.bash.xxxxx
    - autosys.sh.gp_xxxxx
4. unisrvcntr stop all / unisrvcntr start all
5. Check TZ
#/app/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/autouser.ACE $ env |grep TZ
#/app/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/autouser.ACE $
6. After that, log in to WCC and check the job
7. Job started
    - No change in JOB status
    - When checking with autosyslog -e, the JOB has been completed
8. TZ (Restore Timezone to Asia/Seoul, it will look normal again)

in other words,
- After changing the TIMEZONE, the status of JOB does not change in WCC
- Newly registered JOB, but not displayed
- Time display is correct in autosyslog -e



Release : 12.0

Component :


The WCC tabs quickview and monitoring rely on the WCC database updated by information captured by its collectors.

So changing the timezone (from Asia/Seoul to America/New_York) will cause the job status times to be earlier than the current time and hence it does not show any updates.

You will need to clear the WCC database and allow the collectors to resync with autosys in such a scenario. Please refer to the product documentation below.

How to clear all the jobs and alerts in the WCC database cache