Release folder missing from patch Apache 2.4.54 KD 243568
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Release folder missing from patch Apache 2.4.54 KD 243568


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SITEMINDER CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder)



Trying to upgrade the embedded Apache service as per KD (1):

  1. Once the installable is unzipped, should the complete httpd folder be copied and subfolders recursively to the current httpd under /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/?
  2. The article mentions Step 4. Copy release folder to /opt/ca/secure-proxy/httpd. But in the installable Zip, there is no "Release" folder.

    "Unzip the attachment file and change the permissions appropriately (755) for all files, then copy the <patch>/Release/ folder to /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/ cp -r /<patchdir>/<Release>/* /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/"



The steps from this KD are correct.

  1. The command

    # cp -r httpd/* /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/

    means indeed to copy everything recursivly from httpd (patch) to the /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/.

  2. Indeed, there are no <patch>/Release/ folders. The only folder is the httpd one. Copy everything from the httpd folder to the one of the SPS.

    Here's a fast track of the command to be run on the Linux version:
      # cd /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/bin
      # ./apachectl -V
      Server version: Apache/2.4.52 (Unix)
      # cd /opt/CA/secure-proxy
      # tar -cvf /root/download/httpd.tar httpd
      # mkdir new_httpd
      # cd new_httpd
      # mv /root/download/ ./
      # unzip
      # chown -R 755 httpd/*
      # cp -r httpd/* /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/
      # cd /root/download
      # tar -xvf httpd.tar
      # cp -r httpd/conf /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/
      # cp httpd/bin/apachectl /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/bin/
      # cp httpd/bin/apr-1-config /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/bin/
      # cp httpd/bin/apu-1-config /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/bin/
      # cp httpd/bin/apxs /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/bin/
      # cp httpd/bin/envvars /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/bin/
      # cp httpd/bin/envvars-std /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/bin/
      # cd /opt/CA/secure-proxy/httpd/bin
      # ./apachectl -V
      Server version: Apache/2.4.54 (Unix)

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    Vulnerabilities with Apache 2.4.53 and older on Siteminder Access Gateway 12.8.x