REST Agent fails received fatal alert: handshake_failure
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REST Agent fails received fatal alert: handshake_failure


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CA Automic One Automation


The RA REST Agent fails to do REST calls to an secured endpoint. It was previously working using OpenJDK v11 but now fails. Switching to a different java such as Oracle Java as a workaround seem to work.

2022-06-01 08:29:34             Connect timeout set to 30 seconds
2022-06-01 08:29:34 Read timeout set to:60
2022-06-01 08:29:34 Using connection:CONN.WEBSERVICE.RESTCONNECTION
2022-06-01 08:29:34 Authentication type:None
2022-06-01 08:29:34 Request:GET
2022-06-01 08:29:34 Request headers:[[Authorization, Key ]]
2022-06-01 08:29:34 Sending request...
2022-06-01 08:29:34 2022-06-01 08:29:34
2022-06-01 08:29:34 An error occured - while sending the request
2022-06-01 08:29:34 Received fatal alert: handshake_failure


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Checking the last date modified on the cacerts of the REST Agent and the REST Endpoint can be a good way to check if they are mismatched


Update to the latest build of OpenJDK (including the SSL authentication to the REST endpoint) after making sure that the cacerts are exactly the same.