How to tell if a supported release is being used
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How to tell if a supported release is being used


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Easytrieve Report Generator


What is the best way to confirm whether a supported release is being used ?

Where is the Life Cycle Matrix at a glance?

How may an Easytrieve program be executed?




Easytrieve Report Generator, release 11.6



Easytrieve Plus Report Generator references release 6.4, desupported December 2021.

Easytrieve Report Generator references release 11.6, the latest release which is still supported.

Per our Lifecycle Matrix

Release 11.6 was first released on July 13, 2011, so it has been released for about 11 years now. 

EZTPA00 is the driver. An Easytrieve program may be executed in several ways.

1. Execute EZTPA00 as compile and go if there is only one step in the JCL

2. Execute EZTPA00 with a PARM statement including the LINK parameter and followed by two more steps including a LINK step to create the load module and an execute step of the created load module.  An example of this is the JOB08DEM job in your CBAAJCL.

3. Executing a newly created load module at some other time.

To determine if a program is using Easytrieve, please do  a find on your CBAALOAD library, unless this is kept in and referenced from your linklist.  Another way is to do a find on EZTPA00.  If load modules are linked, please do a find on any created load modules to confirm if they are executed in another job.