Queries related to TestRunner and test suites.
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Queries related to TestRunner and test suites.


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CA Application Test


We have couple of queries related to DevTest 10.7.2.
1. Can we disable security to run TestRunner command without passing credentials (user/password) ?

For ex:  
Current cmd --> ./TestRunner.sh -u admin -p admin -user tsaxena -s /home/apps/svn/tests/temp.ste -m tcp://localhost:2010/Registry -a
Expected cmd --> ./TestRunner.sh -user tsaxena -s /home/apps/svn/tests/temp.ste -m tcp://localhost:2010/Registry -a

2. Is there any way to exclude specific test cases in test suite while using entry as type dirTree ?
For ex:


Here we don't want to run all the test cases under the examples folder, i.e, we want to skip a few test cases.




DevTest Workstation


no, currently there is no way to run the testrunner.sh or testrunner.bat without a user name and password.

This would be similar to being able to access the workstation without a username and password.
This would be a huge security problem and is not currently allowed in the product.

Test Runner (broadcom.com)

The Test Runner command-line utility is a "headless" version of DevTest Workstation with the same functionality, but no user interface. That is, it can be run as a stand-alone application.

Test Runner lets you run tests as batch applications. You give up the opportunity to monitor tests in real-time, but you still can request reports for later viewing.

TestRunner [-h] [[-u username] [-p password] [-r StagingDocument] [-t TestCaseDocument] [-cs CoordinatorServerName]]  | [-s TestSuiteDocument] [-m TestRegistryName] [-a] [-config configurationFileName] [-Dname=value] 

You can not skip tested in a test suite.
You will need to create a new test suite with only the test you want to run.
Run a Suite with Test Runner (broadcom.com)

TestRunner -s ../examples/Suites/AllTestsSuite.ste