How to configure AWS load balancer for XCOM (for Windows)
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How to configure AWS load balancer for XCOM (for Windows)


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There are two application servers (app1 and app2) under AWS Windows Server 2019 that connect to databases. Please provide guidance on how to configure the load balancer for XCOM where app1 and app2 are both Active i.e. Active-Active configuration.


Release : 11.6

Component : XCOM Data Transport for Windows


XCOM for Windows techdocs page High Availability / Failover Support on Windows covers an Active-Passive configuration for failover.
It describes how to deploy XCOM in a Windows failover cluster and configure the XCOMD ("XCOM Scheduler service") for High Availability. 
Per the above page there is no Load Balancer configuration option built into XCOM itself i.e. it is all done outside of XCOM and XCOM is not aware of the load balancing/failover environment that it resides in.
The situation is therefore the same if wanting to use Active-Active under a AWS Load Balancing environment i.e. all the configuration needs to be done outside of XCOM. With reference to databases, if wanting to use XCOM with a history database or for trusted transfers (requires separate database), then if those databases are shared across the 2 servers then again any required database load balancing is something that needs to be configured outside of XCOM.