NetOps Portal Dashboard Views taking excessive time to load and complete
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NetOps Portal Dashboard Views taking excessive time to load and complete


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


CAPM - User reporting performance issue when loading dashboard

User is reporting performance issues with loading dashboards since upgrading to 21.2.12.  They are getting "Page Unresponsive" errors like the following. Selecting Wait multiple times eventually results in the completed report.

Seen against Views using a 30 Day Time Frame along with 5 Minute Resolution.


DX NetOps Performance Management release 21.2.12+


Increase to the MaxChartTooltipsCharacterLength in 21.2.12, which increases the number of Tooltips available to the View chart, can lead to slow to complete Dashboard Views for larger Views with larger data sets.

Before the changes in 21.2.12 were introduced these settings were used.

  • private static final int MAX_IMAGE_MAP_SIZE_MULTIPLE_LAYER = 128000;
    private static final int MAX_IMAGE_MAP_SIZE_SINGLE_LAYER = 256000;

As of 21.2.12+ releases we now use the following for both graph types.

  • private static final int MAX_CHART_TOOLTIP_CHARACTER_SIZE = 10240000;


Lower the MaxChartTooltipsCharacterLength to improve performance for large Dashboard Views. The following change is recommended.

  1. Open a terminal to the NetOps Portal web server host.
  2. Login to MySQL on the NetOps Portal web server host with the following command. Default path shown. Enter the complex custom MySql DB password when prompted.
    • /opt/CA/MySql/bin/mysql -uroot -p netqosportal
  3. Run the following to update the parameter:
    • REPLACE INTO netqosportal.general (attribute, value) VALUES ('MaxChartTooltipsCharacterLength', '256000');
  4. Exit the MySql prompt.
  5. Reproduce/reload the problem Dashboard.

If the new lowered value of 256000 does not resolve the issue, please engage Support for further assistance via a new support case.

Additional Information

To few Tooltips after setting the value to 256000?

Test by setting different values for MaxChartTooltipsCharacterLength by adding 56000 at a time to the current 256000. I.E. set it to 312000 and see how it works. Performance is acceptable and getting enough Tooltips? Great, leave it there.

Performance is acceptable but not enough Tooltips, raise the value by another 56000 to 368000 and test again. Once a value you are happy with has been set, finding a balance between performance and Tooltip counts, leave it set that way.

The configured value should remain through future upgrades.