Archived datasets have volume ARCIVE1 in ISPF 3.4
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Archived datasets have volume ARCIVE1 in ISPF 3.4


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Disk Backup and Restore - MVS


It can happen that all the  datasets just archived under DISK result in having pseudo volume ARCIVE1 in ISPF 3.4, while the OS Catalog entry for these datasets reports VOLUME=ARCIVE  (or the 6 digits of the Disk SYSPARM RECATVOL in place).

Why this difference and how to manage it. 


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Component : Disk Backup and Restore


The pseudo volume displayed in ISPF 3.4 panel is controlled by the IBM ISPF ISRCNFIG member located in Z/OS IBM library ISP.SISPSAMP and relinked as ISRCONFG.

Variable name DELVOL has a default of MIGRAT if this module is not relinked and must be changed to ARCIVE, or whatever the 6 digit pseudo vol defined in Sysparm RECATVOL of DISK, in order to see the correct pseudo volser under ISPF 3.4 panel. It drives the value of the variable ZDLMIGR.

If ARCIVE1 is the VOLSER displayed in ISPF 3.4, this means the above change is in place. Disk does not manage this.

All this information can be found in the IBM  ISPF Planning & Customization manual.

Also the following link can help:

The ISPF Configuration Table