XCOMN0298E 10038, XCOMN0780E "SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol"
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XCOMN0298E 10038, XCOMN0780E "SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol"


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Attempting secure/SSL transfer from Windows to Linux and this error is reported back:
#XCOMN0298E Unable to allocate remote transaction program: Txpi  215: Socket send error return value = 10038

The Windows xcom.log file shows this response from the remote partner Linux server linsrv1:
2022/07/26 03:25:59 TID=000004 PRG=xcomtcp PID=8916 IP=linsrv1.xxx.com PORT=8045
    XCOMN0780E Txpi  308: TxpiInitSSL Failed msg = <error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol> value = 4294967295:

2022/07/26 03:25:59 TID=000004
    #XCOMN0298E Unable to allocate remote transaction program: Txpi  215: Socket send error return value = 10038


Release: 11.6
Component: XCOM Data Transport for Windows


The xcomd on the Linux server had been stopped.


Start xcomd on Linux and re-run the failed transfer(s)

Additional Information

Winsock error  codes are documented under Microsoft Docs page: Win32 > Desktop Technologies > Networking and Internet > Windows Sockets 2 > Windows Sockets Error Codes :
Socket operation on nonsocket.
An operation was attempted on something that is not a socket. Either the socket handle parameter did not reference a valid socket, or for select, a member of an fd_set was not valid.

It is likely that other (SSL) problems and not just the xcomd being stopped, could also cause the 10038 to be returned but the SSL error message would also vary with the problem. In this case the initial SSL handshake fails because there is no remote partner xcomd running.

Also note that this is a subtly different symptom on a nix* platform than compared to a remote partner Windows when its xcomd is stopped i.e. on *nix although xcomd is stopped the xinetd service providing the listener for the xcom ports 8044/8045 is still running, whereas on Windows the listener stops when the xcomd service is stopped.
On *nix when the xinetd service is also stopped a 10061 value is returned which is what is also returned if targeting a remote Windows XCOM server whose xcomd service is stopped:
#XCOMN0298E Unable to allocate remote transaction program: Txpi  211: Socket connect error return value = 10061
Connection refused. 
No connection could be made because the target computer actively refused it. This usually results from trying to connect to a service that is inactive on the foreign host—that is, one with no server application running.