TSS Recovery file, procedure to archive recovery file when full
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TSS Recovery file, procedure to archive recovery file when full


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What the best procedure to archive recovery file when full?



Release : 16.0

Component : Top Secret for z/OS


TSS9012W-Recovery file 90% Full.

This is a warning stating the recovery file is almost 90% full. The file is
a wraparound file. When a backup is done the file doesn't get cleared. Each
change is appended to the file, and when it reaches 100% full, it overwrites
data from the beginning of the file. If the msg. appears daily with TSS9011W,
the client needs to enlarge the RECFILE. If client had never performed a
backup, they'd need to issue F TSS,BACKUP before the file wraps.

All commands that change the security file, including password changes
made at signon, are written to the recovery file.
The recovery file is a wrappable file so when it fills up, it goes to the
beginning of the file and writes the new records over the old ones.
There is a TSS9012W RECOVERY FILE IS AT LEAST 90% FULL issued when the
recovery file is 90% full.
There is a TSS9011W RECOVERY FILE HAS WRAPPED AROUND issued when the
recovery file wraps.
How often do you get the above messages? You want to make sure the recovery
file doesn't wrap between backups. If it does, you should increase the size
of the recovery file.)

Issue TSS MODIFY to display the current control options.
Look for BACKUP(hhmm). If this is set, there is an automatic
backup taken at this time each day. When the backup is taken,
TSS9094I - BACKUP COMPLETE are issued. If a backup has been taken
since the recovery file last wrapped, you are ok. (The TSS9012W
is just informational.)
If  needed to take an immediate backup, you can issue
TSS MODIFY(BACKUP) from anywhere you can issue a TSS command or
F TSS,BACKUP from the console.