Configuring SSO/SiteMinder to protect TEWS
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Configuring SSO/SiteMinder to protect TEWS


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CA Identity Manager CA Identity Suite


How to protect TEWS with SSO/SiteMinder


1.) With Single Sign On (Siteminder), protect the TEWS url with SiteMinder/SSO in the same way you would protect any other url with SSO/Siteminder.

 Your TEWS url needs to be protected by SSO. Create a realm in SSO to protect


For example:

Your SSO administrator can assist you with the SSO configuration, or feel free to open a case with the SSO support team.

2.) In Identity Manager, in the Identity Manager management console (../iam/immanage):

Home > Environments > [your_envName] > Advanced Settings > Web Services

On the Web Services Properties screen the following are required.

Enable Execution: [box must be checked]

Enable WSDL generation: [box must be checked]

Enable Admin_id: [must be UN-checked if using individual users IDs instead of Admin ID]

Admin Password required: [must be UN-check if not using admin ID authentication]

SiteMinder Authentication: [Select the authentication scheme you configured for TEWS in SSO]


Once done TEWS should be protected by SSO.