APM - Alerts - Regular expression for unix/wintel servers
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APM - Alerts - Regular expression for unix/wintel servers


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CA Application Performance Management SaaS


We have APMIA host monitor for multiple Unix and Wintel servers. We are looking to set up alerts for CPU and Memory for Unix and Wintel servers (2 separate alerts config). We are looking to create a generic regex e.g. (.*). However there is no easy way to identify if a server is Unix vs Wintel for alert. Can you suggest if there is any way  to do this?




Release : SAAS

Component : Integration with APM


My suggestion would be to rename the agent to include the OS if possible and then use a regex to identify those agents in the metric grouping. 

For Example :

Current Customer's Unix Metric -        SuperDomain|qz11899|Infrastructure|Agent|SystemEdge|a.foo.com|CPU:TotalUtilPercent

If we can change the agent name from Agent to UnixAgentqz11899 or similar, then

we can then use the below to filter on them allowing us to create an Alert on it. 

(.*)\|(.*)\|(Unix.*) for Unix

and (.*)\|(.*)\|(Windows.*) 

Additional Information

APMIA does show OS . Here is a screenshot and a reference. Can you alert on them?


My understanding is that the alert cannot be created on string (in this case Linux or Windows server 2016).