Setting optimizer_inmemory_aware for Oracle 19c
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Setting optimizer_inmemory_aware for Oracle 19c


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Clarity PPM On Premise


Is there a recommendation from Broadcom regarding the following Optimizier-Setting for Clarity Oracle 19c databases?

  • optimizer_inmemory_aware

The install documentation mentions the note below, does that mean the value can be set at the instance level as per the Customers database settings?


 Adjust the memory management parameters based on your environment.


Clarity 16.0.2 and Oracle 19c Database. 


The value for this oracle parameter should be set to FALSE. 


The Database parameters for the Clarity schema should be ideally setup with the values as per the sample init.ora Reference: Oracle 19 C init.ora 

If there are any additional memory management parameters apart from the one mentioned in the sample init.ora then the same can be set with the default from the Oracle Database. 

Additional Information

Refer to this documentation for more Oracle 19c setup recommendations: Post upgrade optimize Oracle 19c performance.