What causes error IGGN311E?
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What causes error IGGN311E?


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DISK BACKUP AND RESTORE Disk Backup and Restore - MVS Datacom


What is the reason behind error IGGN311E ? Where should Datacom library CAAXLPA reside?


Release : 14.0

Product: Disk Backup and Restore 


The Datacom/AD installation provides a library named CAAXLPA. It is an SMP/e target library. The purpose of CAAXLPA is as follows:
Datacom/AD provides a Product Descriptor Module (PDM) that can be used by Common Components and Services component CAECIS (Auditor Common Inventory Service, FMID CD0E350) to identify Datacom/AD. If your site does not plan to use CAECIS, then nothing needs to be done with the CAAXLPA data set after it is created. However, if your site has the CAECIS component installed and plans to use it, the Datacom/AD CAAXLPA data set needs to be defined to the operating system in either the LPALIST or the LINKLIST. The CAAXLPA data set must be APF authorised for the CAECIS component to recognise it.
That is documented here in CAECIS and CAAXLPA
If you don't use CAECIS or need it then remove the CAAXLPA data set from the LPALIST/LINKLIST.
The  data set is not used by Datacom/AD.
If you need CAECIS please README for more details.  
CAAXLPA library must be defined as PDS otherwise you will get IGGN311E. 
Error IGGN311E at the time of IPL means you have added CAAXLPA library as PDSE  in LPALIST/LINKLIST.