Steps to remove a Site Server
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Steps to remove a Site Server


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IT Management Suite


How to remove a Site Server from a Site that is being decommissioned and the subnet is being assigned to another Site?


ITMS 8.x


Removing/uninstalling a Site Server requires the following steps:

Removing/uninstalling / decommissioning a Site Server implies that any client machine registering to it will need to register to a new one. This process is automatic after the Site Server has been removed: When the client machine can't reach the Site Server (if these client machines are set to be "manually assigned" (Managing Manually Assigned Agents) to a Site Server, then these client machines will keep retrying the same Site Server until that assignment is removed), the client will request a new assignment based on the available list of Site Servers.
As well, if this Site Server has the Package Service installed, any package or image file, will be deleted. Make sure other Site Servers have those packages/files available.

  1. To remove Task service from a site server (same steps applies for Package, Network Boot Service, and Monitor Services):
    1. In the Symantec Management Console, on the Settings  menu, click Notification Server > Site Server Settings
    2. Under the left frame, on the toolbar, click Site Servers.
    3. Select the desired Site Server in the server list, click the site server, and then, on the main frame, click Install/Remove Services
      Note: you can also click on "Configure" icon (the one with the pencil) to open "Add/Remove Services") 
    4. In the dialog box, uncheck Task Service (and any other service that is currently installed), and then click Next.
    5. In the Add/Remove Services dialog box, click OK.

  2. After the service(s) has(have) been flag for removal, a delta update membership will need to occur so a new updated configuration can be generated. This process run under its own schedule. See under Settings>Notification Server>Resource Membership Update. After it has run, update configuration on your Site Server. Under the Agent UI > "Software Delivery" tab, an uninstall policy should be present for those removed services.
  3. For the steps on how to re-assign subnets to other Site Servers, please refer to:
    Managing Subnets

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