Error under z/OS v2.5 - ABEND S0D3  OCCURRED IN PROGRAM BC1PSM10  
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Error under z/OS v2.5 - ABEND S0D3  OCCURRED IN PROGRAM BC1PSM10  


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Endevor Common Services


Upgraded  z/OS from v2.x to v2.5, getting errors when accessing Endevor via Batch or Foreground. 

ABEND S0D3  OCCURRED IN PROGRAM BC1PSM10                                                                   
CALL FROM $FUNC=CALLTHRU EPA=25F28B90 R1=000928B0 R14=A5F28DBE STACK=00092858  CSECT=BC1PSM10  08/14/20    
CALL FROM $FUNC=XPINITX  EPA=25F2A1E8 R1=00092700 R14=A5F2A294 STACK=000926A0  CSECT=XPINITX   12/06/17    
CALL FROM $FUNC=CENVCALL EPA=25F28A48 R1=000925D0 R14=A5F28AE2 STACK=00092578                              
CALL FROM $FUNC=BC1PSM10 EPA=25F289B8 R1=000912A8 R14=A5F28A18 STACK=00091248                              
CALL FROM PROGM=BC1PSM10 ASM DT=08/14/20 VERS=0003 EPA=A5F288A8 RET=A5F289AC                              



Release : 18.0 18.1 

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager 


Endevor always issues an LSERV CONNECT when the first VSAM files is to be opened.  For each and every VSAM file to open, Endevor will check if the file is managed by L-SERV.  If the file is not controlled by L-Serv Endevor will then handle the VSAM calls itself.   If the L-Serv task is reviewed it will show that it abended with a S0D3 as well. 

The reason the abend is being seen is because L-Serv requires a PTF to be installed for z/os 2. – LSERV LU00348.  The circumvention for the problem if you cannot immediately apply the PTF add CBLOC REAL31(IHAASCB) to the DIAGxx member.

As always prior to upgrading any to any Z/os the compatability matrix for all Broadcom products should be reviewed.  Provided below is a link:

The required maintenance for Endevor 18.0.12 and 18.1 are listed below:

Endevor SCM 18.0 - Endevor Software Change Manager (CSIQI00)
Endevor SCM 18.1 - Endevor Software Change Manager (CSIQI10)

The required maintenance for L-Serv 14.0:

L-Serv (Common component w/TNG Framew 14.0 - L-Serv (Common component w/TNG Framew (CBUJE00)