AppNeta SaaS/On-Prem - Reporting a Bug or Vulnerability
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AppNeta SaaS/On-Prem - Reporting a Bug or Vulnerability


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When a bug or vulnerability is encountered please submit the following details to Appneta



Details To Provide:

Problem Statement: 
Expected Behaviour: 
Steps to Reproduce: 
Supporting Data: 
Desired Result:

Example Details:

Problem Statement: When LAN delivery paths are created they default into a disabled state and require manual enablement
Expected Behaviour: When a LAN or WAN path is created it should always default to being enabled
Steps to Reproduce: Create a new LAN or WAN path using either the API or UI via the usual setup procedure (nothing special required). Once you finish . you'll see that the path creates and defaults to disabled 
Supporting Data: Here is an example path that is default disabled:
Desired Result: Make it so that new paths are default enabled 



Please provide details on the vulnerability, including (where applicable)\

  • Deep link
  • Screenshots
  • Supporting details 
  • Link to CVE (if applicable)