Vertica copy cluster ports
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Vertica copy cluster ports


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Trying to find clarification on this. We are wanting to use copy cluster from our production instance to our stage instance. This raises red flags as cross instance communication is frowned upon greatly. I have 50000 and 5433 FROM prod TO Stage opened and didn't cause an issue due to it not being bi directional. Then i discovered that 22(ssh) would need to be opened between all primary and backup nodes bi-directionally.  case. 

What port need to open and in what direction for copy cluster to work. 

What port need to open and in what direction for copycluster to work. 




Release : 22.2

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Ports 50000 and 22 are the only ports that need to be open on destination cluster for copycluster. The source nodes rsync to port 50000 on destination cluster. It uses 22 to ssh into the destination nodes.