What are the Endevor limitations with using IEBCOPY?
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What are the Endevor limitations with using IEBCOPY?


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When can IEBCOPY be used to copy members from a PDS to PDSE library and when should the Endevor utilities like BSTCOPY, BSTXCOPY, and BC1PNCPY be used?


Release : All Supported Releases

Component : Endevor Software Change Manager


IEBCOPY can be used to copy any FB or VB formatted library from PDS to PDSE such as Endevor Base, Delta, Source output libraries, or Listing libraries without compromising the Endevor Footprints. 

IEBCOPY can also be used for PDS to PDS copies  or  PDSE to PDSE copies of Load libraries, load modules and program objects without compromising the Footprints.  


BSTXCOPY must be used to convert Load libraries from PDS to PDSE. IEBCOPY will wipeout the Footprints of the program objects created in the PDSE.


BC1PNCPY should be used when working with ELIBs. Converting ELIBs to PDS or PDSE  or converting PDS or PDSE libraries to ELIBs. 


IEBCOPY usage limitations  -

1) IEBCOPY  CANNOT   be used to convert LOADLIBs from PDS to PDSE as it will wipeout the Endevor Footprint

2)  The Processor keywords  FOOTPRNT, MONITOR and BACKOUT are not supported by IEBCOPY and cannot be used in an IEBCOPY processor step.   BSTCOPY must be used when these processor keywords are specified.