Best practices - Purge Audit Trail
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Best practices - Purge Audit Trail


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Audit Trail is enabled on a significant number of attributes across Idea/Project/Custom Objects.

How to set up audit without impacting system performance.  What are the standard best practices for setting the Purge Audit Trail job, how many days old to set up. What is the recommended number of attributes, per function (insert/delete/change) and total audit log


Release : All supported versions of clarity


  • As best practice, set up the attribute for audit what's needed, Typically this would be maximum 10-15 attributes per object / per function on average.
  • Audit trail is saved into the database tables CMN_AUDITS and CMN_AUDITS_TSV 
  • As best practices we recommend to run the Purge Audit Trail job on recurrent basis and delete unneeded records and the job deletes the data based on what's configured on Object --> Audit --> Days after which audit records will be purged 
  • The period for deletion depends on each company requirement. We suggest to follow your business policies. It's ok if the data stays a bit longer in some cases, as this is what the usage is - to have it available for audit
  • Starting 16.1.0 Audit will be available also in Modern UX (MUX) where it can be exported in CSV and saved and offloaded, then purged