Clarity Connections Integration - pulling over Rally User Stories
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Clarity Connections Integration - pulling over Rally User Stories


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The new Clarity Connections Rally Integration is set up and successfully pulling over the Portfolio Items (i.e., Epics, Capabilities, and Features) from Rally into Clarity.

For example, the integration is pulling over the Rally Portfolio Item as Clarity Custom Investment called Features and now looking for a way to pull over Rally User Stories.

The Broadcom documentation suggests a way to bring over User Stories as Tasks of Features.


Release : 16.0.2

Component : Clarity Add-Ins (PMO, Rally)


The Classic Rally/Agile Integration side will support bringing over Rally User Stories as Project sub Tasks.
- If you are still using the old Integration method and there is a need to bring over User Stories as Tasks under the Feature, here is the documentation...
Currently the new Integration Roadmap does not include direct sync of User Stories, like we had in the old integration (where User Stories associated with Features can be auto-populated as subtasks in Clarity).
- Rally User Stories are considered a work item in Rally and the new Clarity Connections Integration will support integration with the Portfolio Item hierarchy (PIH) and its data (which does include aggregated 'work item' statistics, like User Stories).
- Thus the User Story information is gleaned from the Rally Feature, where you get User Story visibility through metrics such as the number of User Stories, Story Points, Percentage Done, etc.
- At this time if you are seeking a way to sync Rally User Stories into Clarity to calculate actuals data for example, please raise a new Idea following the process described in this KB