Information Request - LDAP Endpoint Configuration Change
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Information Request - LDAP Endpoint Configuration Change


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CA Identity Manager


Is it possible to update the configuration for an LDAP Endpoint without restarting IDM?

We had a problem with the account used for the endpoint connection. Because of this we lost the abilitiy to view the endpoint content in provisioning manager.

The DBAs created a new account and I now need to update the config but can't restart IDM until the next change window.

After modifying the endpoint configuration the endpoint behavior still appears to be using the old account. I still can't view the content. I have verified the credentials using Apache Directory studio. But IDM doesn't seem to be picking up the change. I tried restarting the connector server but that didn't help.

Is an app server restart required? Or is there another way to do this?


Release : 14.3

Component :


Are you viewing the endpoint with IM or provisioning manager GUI?

  IF from IM:

 The problem may be that IM has not explored and correlated, so IM and provisioning may not know about the account.

  IF from the provisioning manager GUI, all you should need to do is restart the JCS. 


Update: After troubleshooting it seems that no matter what way you are trying to use the account at least an explore is needed.