Autosys completely down
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Autosys completely down


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CA Workload Automation AE


Hi Team,

Our Autosys environment is completely down and we are unable to bring it up .

Need urgent assistance to fix this .

DB is up and running fine , however it says DB is not available.

Please review the attached logs .

E:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Workload Automation AE>autoflags -a
1643 Windows_NT MSQ 11.3.6 SP8 0 DC10ASYSADW01 DC10ASYSADW01.molina.mhc

E:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Workload Automation AE>


Error :


CAUAJM_E_10029 Communication attempt with the CA WAAE Application Server has failed! [DC10ASYSADW01:9000]
CAUAJM_E_10221 Exhausted list of available Application Server(s). Failing request.
CAUAJM_E_50033 Error initializing tx subsystem:  CAUAJM_E_10062 Failed to get initial configuration from CA WAAE Application Server(s).




Release : 11.3.6

Component :



AutoSys failed to connect to SQLSever with the following error messages:

[07/18/2022 22:13:01.840] 6416   11736  CAUAJM_E_18600 Database function call <SQLDriverConnect> failed in <connect SQLDriverConnect Failed> with return code: -1
[07/18/2022 22:13:01.840] 6416   11736  CAUAJM_E_18601 SQLSTATE: IM008, Native error: 0, Message: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Dialog failed
[07/18/2022 22:13:01.840] 6416   11736  CAUAJM_E_10649 Server DC10AUTSYSLRD01,1433:AEDB_UAT was not available during connection operation.
[07/18/2022 22:13:01.840] 6416   11736  L:1 CmPool.cpp 190 Retrying database connection


Upgraded ODBC Driver for SQL Server to version 13 to be compatible with SQL Server 2017.