Probe deployment and opening probe configure fails for some robots.
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Probe deployment and opening probe configure fails for some robots.


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Deploying any probe or package either via IM or AC to some robots fails. Additionally there is a communication error when trying to open any probe configure at one of these robots. 

We verified that there is communication between the systems and the ports are open. 


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - DISTSRV


Problem 1:
Viewing either the distsrv or hub log shows the IP address for the robot is different than the IP address shown for the robot in the IM console. 

Problem 2: 
After setting robot_ip = there is still a failure to deploy or configure. 
hub log shows some operations work and others fail. 
The robot's controller log has:
Jul 19 06:45:41:399 [139863936328320] 0 Controller: Selecting robotip from configuration. config_robotip = ##.##.##.##, cglob robotip = ##.##.##.##, local_ip_validation = 1, 

It correctly picks up the first address from the cfg and gets the second from the environment. 
Note: these IP addresses are fake. 


Problem 1:
Remote into the robot, stop nimsoft robot watcher service, add robotip = <correct IP address to use> to robot.cfg, start the service. 

Problem 2: 
The cglob robotip could be coming from the NIMBUS_LOCAL_IP if variable the exists in the environment or DNS lookup/hosts file. 
It might be possible to avoid this by adding this line to the robot.cfg