Zowe Editor Not Working After Upgrading to V1.27
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Zowe Editor Not Working After Upgrading to V1.27


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Upgraded Zowe from V1.18 to V1.27.  the Zowe editor fails with message "An unknown error occurred: 500" when sign in under V1.27 and try to use the dataset/file editor function from the desktop.



Release : 3.0



Troubleshooting steps:

  • use browser developer console to get details about error messages
    • login to Zowe Desktop
    • open dev console - ctrl + shitft + I
    • start Editor app and see corresponding errors in console
    • chrome example:
  • non functioning endpoints identified - ZSS APIs (connectionRefused)
  • try ZSS endpoints outside of Zowe(browser, Postman)
    • confirmed that service and endpoints work
    • issue must be in communication between gateway component and ZSS component
  • confirm validity of certificates used by Zowe(keystore, truststore)
    • missing zosmf certificate in truststore - add it
  • check APIML static definition for ZSS <instance_dir>/workspace/api-mediation/api-defs /zss.yml
    • definition remained from version 1.18 and is incompatible with 1.27.1
    • incorrect config found
  • attempted to recreate instance directory from 1.27 runtime to update api-defs 
    • this action failed, api-defs not populated on startup of Zowe
    • solution is not available, workaround will be used instead 


Unable to automatically generate updated configuration needed for communication between components, must do it manually. Version 1.18 ZSS config does not allow access from outside, will need to change URL from host to loop-back. Limitation is that components need to be on same mainframe.

  1. modify <instance_dir>/workspace/api-mediation/api-defs /zss.yml
    • services.instanceBaseUrls: <host>