DLP Grid scan stuck in "Pause Requested"
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DLP Grid scan stuck in "Pause Requested"


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Data Loss Prevention Network Discover Data Loss Prevention


Grid scan is stuck in a "Pause Requested" status after pausing the scan. The scan cannot be restart until the status is updated to "Paused".

Confirm all services are running on the Enforce server and all the Discover servers in the Grid scan.

The MonitorController0.log shows:
com.vontu.filescan.scanmanager.scanassignment.ManagedDiscoverScanAssignment getStateTransition
INFO: Getting state transition for scan assignment <scan name>, current status is PAUSE_REQUESTED, new status from managed server is WALKING

 com.vontu.filescan.scanmanager.scanassignment.ManagedDiscoverScanAssignment reflectServerStateChange
FINE: The server is WALKING. The scan assignment <Scan name> prior to the update is PAUSE_REQUESTED. Performing com.vontu.filescan.scanmanager.scanassignment.ResendPause transition.


Symantec Data Loss Prevention 15.7 MP1
Oracle 19c
Windows Server 2019


Some detection servers did not confirm the "paused" state.


  1. Restart the Symantec DLP Detection Server Service on the Grid Leader.
  2. Then restart the Symantec DLP Detection Server Service on the rest of the followers in the grid. Scan status should move from “pause requested” into “paused.