SECCACHE is not deleting.
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SECCACHE is not deleting.


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Top Secret


Noticed that SECCACHE is not deleting records after 96 'units' ( 1 unit = 15 minutes).


Release : 16.0

Component : Top Secret for z/OS


The DELETE counter represents a security record that is deleted from the cache.  

This only occurs when either an explicit or implicit CLEAR function is performed.  

A TSS MODIFY SECCACHE(CLEAR) command is the explicit form, and the implicit CLEAR happens when either your data or index area in use percentage approaches or reaches the WARN percentage value.  

Since the in use percentages are only 16% for data and 5% for index and the WARN is set to 90%, no implicit CLEAR activity has occurred.  

When a user with a record in the cache is updated (PERMITS and/or REVOKES), the next time they log on the SECCACHE process does a REPLACE function which only updates the ADD counter.  

The cache needs to fill up a lot more before any CLEAR/DELETE activity will take place.