AXC0752W REXX requests are being rejected - cannot run on APALERT svrs
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AXC0752W REXX requests are being rejected - cannot run on APALERT svrs


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


REXX are not running on the APALERT server, it was identified that the AXCREXX window on the AP is not running.



Release : 13.5

Component : Automation Point


When possible, the first step is to try to restart Automation Point.  

If axcrexx.exe is still running abandoned by the main AP process axc2p.exe it is possible to run another AP instance. Existence of the abandoned axcrexx.exe process, however, will prevent creation of another axcrexx.exe for the newly launched AP instance. Inability of the new AP instance to create its own axcrexx.exe process will lead to the display of the message "AXC0752W REXX requests are being rejected!" and failure to run any Rexx script from AP.

In this case, it was determined that there were some long running Rexx scripts. Recommendation is to customize the axc.cmd start-up file  to detect the situation when AP is being started while axcrexx.exe or asorexx.exe are still running. Also consider whether there is a need to implement a load balancing solution, which might decrease the workload of the different asorexx.exe processes, leading to their immediate termination upon AP shutdown. This would prevent the situation where a new AP instance is facing a lingering axcrexx.exe and asorexx.exe.