Symantec Directory : Disable DXagent process (Linux)
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Symantec Directory : Disable DXagent process (Linux)


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CA Directory


If you are not using Directory Manager Component for your Symantec Directory DSA management (deployment, maintenance, changes), you may be looking to disable the DXagent process on Linux platform while on Windows it will be as simple as disabling the service in services panel so it doesn’t come up on a reboot.


Release : 14.1

Component : CA Directory


For Linux, there are two workarounds to disable DXagent service.

A) Rename the DXagent binary at location: $DXHOME/dxserver/bin
File name: dxagent

1. Once the file is renamed the dxagent services will not be running.
2. DXagent service will remain disabled after reboot as well.

B) Comment out the code in dxserver auto-start file at location: /etc/rc.d/init.d
File name: dxserver

Stop DXagent services manually by executing ./ from location $DXHOME/dxserver/dxagent

Steps to disable services to start automatically upon an OS reboot:

Need the below code to be commented out from /etc/rc.d/init.d/dxserver file.
        # start dxagent if it exists
           if [ -x $DXHOME/bin/dxagent ]; then
            echo "Starting DXagent" | tee -a $DXLOG
            $SU - $DXUSER -c "cd ${DXHOME}/bin; ./dxagent start" >> $DXLOG 2>&1

1. We have verified that once stopped manually prerequisite services will not run.
2. We have verified that once rebooted service will not start automatically. If required, it can be started manually with ./ from location $DXHOME/dxserver/dxagent.

1) These are simple workaround and can be managed without deleting the services completely.
2) Later if DXagent service is require for any reason, it can be resumed easily without upgrade/reinstall.