How to properly provide pass with special chars to 11.3.6 CUM2 patch
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How to properly provide pass with special chars to 11.3.6 CUM2 patch


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Autosys Workload Automation


We are struggling to provide password to script to apply CUM2 patch.

It looks like the issue is dependent from the local settings because on some environments the way we provide the password to the script works - mainly we provide the password in double quotes and without escaping chars like "#" and that works well. 

But we have environment when even when script is called directly and without -p argument to provide the password interactively, it fails due to addition of escape backslash for "#" which *was not* entered by us. 

On other hosts, in interactive mode, it is sufficient to provide the password in double quotes when asked by the script, like this:

"foobar#" and it properly passed further to script and patch is applied successfully, but on few hosts it fails due to additional "\" escape char being added. 

Example below where `echo $Password` call was added just before calling which revealed that "\" was somehow added.

Is there any universal way recommended to provide the password to avoid this kind of issues?

[root@xxx 99111280]# ./ -t S -f 99111280 -d ORA -u aedbadmin -s SID
************ Checking the CA Workload Automation AE environment ************
************ The CA Workload Automation AE environment check is complete ************
Using default Java directory: /opt/CA/WorkloadAutomationAE/JRE_WA.
Password authentication is used for the database access.
Enter the Oracle database aedbadmin user ID password: "abcdefg#" # <-- this is how password is entered - double quotes, no escaping chars
The database refresh log will be written to: /tmp/WAAE_r1136_SP8_CUM2_install_DB_LOGDIR.
The current product version is 11.3.6.SP8CUM1.1701.
The installed product build is 1701.
************ Testing the database connection to SID ************
"foobar\#" # but when it comes to calling the Refresh script the "\" is present
RefreshAEDB:  The Oracle SQL command sqlplus doesn't exist. Exiting...
Error. Retrieve the log file at /tmp/WAAE_r1136_SP8_CUM2_install_Jul_05_09_49.log.
[root@xxx 99111280]#




Release : 11.3.6

Component :


From patch notes below there is note included.

Note: If the DB password has any unsupported characters, please enclose them in escaped double quotes. For example:  -p \"pass#word\"

This should help to get through connection if '#' is specified.