Getting the CICS terminal IP address with TPX
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Getting the CICS terminal IP address with TPX


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TPX - Session Management


When using a CICS terminal autoinstall program to extract the Telnet 3270 IP address from client's terminal:
- This works fine with direct login to the CICS. 
- But when logging in to the CICS through TPX multisession, it's not possible to get the terminal's IP address. 

Message from CICs log:
8.51.09- ip-address    0000000000
8.51.09- ip-v6-address 0
8.51.09- ip-port       0000000000
8.51.09- ip-hostname
8.51.09- CX INQ          000000 0001
8.51.09- M0906IHA 6IHD AUTTPX25

How to get TPX to pass IP address to CICS?




Research suggests that at the present time we do not have this facility available in TPX.


However if this is a business requirement, It is  encouraged to visit the Broadcom Communities and present this requirement/ enhancement in the 'IDEAs' section


If there is a business case, it will reach the appropriate corners of management – that’s where priorities are set for what gets ahead in line. The more clients requesting for the same enhancement, greater would be the chances to have it available for future releases.