Getting the CICS terminal IP address with TPX
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Getting the CICS terminal IP address with TPX


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TPX - Session Management


When using a CICS terminal autoinstall program to extract the Telnet 3270 IP address from client's terminal:
- This works fine with direct login to the CICS. 
- But when logging in to the CICS through TPX multisession, it's not possible to get the terminal's IP address. 

Message from CICs log:
8.51.09- ip-address    0000000000
8.51.09- ip-v6-address 0
8.51.09- ip-port       0000000000
8.51.09- ip-hostname
8.51.09- CX INQ          000000 0001

How to get TPX to pass IP address to CICS?




Release: 5.4
Component: TPX for Z/OS


Research suggests that at the present time we do not have this facility available in TPX.


However if this is a business requirement, It is  encouraged to visit the Broadcom Communities and present this requirement/ enhancement in the 'IDEAs' section


If there is a business case, it will reach the appropriate corners of management – that’s where priorities are set for what gets ahead in line. The more clients requesting for the same enhancement, greater would be the chances to have it available for future releases.