RA Host Group not visible in jobs attributes tab
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RA Host Group not visible in jobs attributes tab


Article ID: 246214


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


An Agent Group has been created for rapidautomation agents (for example RA FTP), but it is not available in the agent drop down in the attributes tab for the same type of job.

It does not matter if the hostgroup is created in client 0 or if it is in a non-0, or working client.

The agentgroup looks something like this:


Release: 12.x, 21.x


The Software needs to be set to the agent type.  The following can be done:

  1. Open the HOSTG object
  2. Remove the currently assigned agents
  3. Update the software dropdown to the RA type (in this example, RAFTP)
  4. Re-assign the agents 
  5. Save the changes made to the hostgroup object

The final setup should look something like this:

The JOB object may need to be closed and re-opened for editing in order for the agent group to show up in the dropdown.