Available Encryption Tools
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Available Encryption Tools


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I just updated ActiveMq to SSL and the passwords are plain text in a file in the same directory as the files they are referencing which made me start to think if I could encrypt them.  Is there any built in encryption tool that PM works better with that may be available or any tools that other customers may be using currently that work best with PM?  Below is a snippet of the activemq.xml file for an exmple:


              keyStore="broker.ks" keyStorePassword="123456"
              trustStore="client.ts" trustStorePassword="123456"/>

Encrypt activemq password when using SSL 

Can I encrypt the activemq SSL password



Release : 21.2

Component : PM Data Aggregator


We are encrypting the jmx.password in latest PM, but we have not encrypted or provided a procedure to encrypt the keystore passwords in activemq.xml as of 22.2.1