GSV2802E (CICSLOGR) IXGWRITE failed. R15=0301
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GSV2802E (CICSLOGR) IXGWRITE failed. R15=0301


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


I am getting the GSV2802E message.  CICS translog not consistently maintaining current data.  It contains gaps.

Is this a space issue?

GSV2802E (CICSLOGR) IXGWRITE failed. R15=0301
GSV2801I (CICSLOGR) IXGWRITE             FC:0301 RC:00000008 RSN:00000865


Release : 15.0

Component : SYSVIEW


The RSN=865 is an I/O error, and in this case the problem was an SMS storage issue.  Two packs were added to the pool and the problem was resolved.


Typically, however, for the errors in the description, the errors occurred after a trace was being run. 


Further review of the LGLOGS and CICSDATA confirms that the EITL logstream was missing.  This is corrected with job INST0044.

Another error was noted with the MQDATA logstream, and recommended that the area of documentation referring to INST0046 be reviewed to see what was missing or incorrectly defined.